We began in Crete with Creta Farms, a 100% Greek company, and turned it into the largest company group in the meat and deli meats sector in Greece. 

For thirty years we have worked with passion and devotion to lead Creta Farms along a path of development that has taken it beyond the borders of Greece. We are proud that the strength of our presence and our partnerships abroad have enhanced the global profile of Greek entrepreneurship.

We are proud of the exceptionally close relationship we have created with consumers. We dare to innovate: we invest resources, time and expertise in developing pioneering solutions to our consumers’ needs.  

We create great-tasting meat and deli products that are in line with today’s growing interest in a balanced healthy diet.  We revolutionized the deli meat market with our En Elladi series, in which we substituted animal fat with extra virgin olive oil, thus managing not only to change dietary habits in our country and abroad but we also gained the recognition of the international scientific and business communities.
And our consumers have rewarded our efforts by making our products their number one choice in deli meats.

All of us at Creta Farms know that we have set our sights high. We are committed to pursuing our dynamic course of development at an even faster pace. And we are committed to doing so in accordance with the principles of sustainable growth, with the utmost respect for people and the environment, and with a view to sharing with the world the benefits of the Cretan diet.