EPIRUS SA is the most modern cheese manufacturer in Greece. Located in Epirus, the Northwestern region of Greece, it was founded in 1994 with ultimate purpose of offering the consumer healthy products of guaranteed quality and origin. EPIRUS SA has managed to combine the tradition of cheese making with the high quality standards required by modern Dairy industry. With an exceptional combination of talented people, highly qualited products, modern technology and a  customer-oriented attitute Epirus SA has earned a remarkable place in dairy industry.

Epirus SA process annually approximatelly 25.000 tons , exclusively of sheep and goats milk.  Recently our factory has implemented state-of-the-art packing facilities whereas on 2009 has enagurated  a new production line, establishing it as the most modern and hi-tech factory in Greece, optimally equipped for any challenges arisen/given/offered in years to come.

Packing Facilities
The expansion of the factory and the construction of a new pavillion was essential for the growth of the packaging facilites. The new facilities were designed by German specialists and meet the most austere rules of hygiene. It is devided in 3 sectors based on the scale of sanitation.The austerity of hygiene and disinfection escalates at the so called "white areas", which in order for the workers to visit them, are obliged to pass through a special devise that monitors the door and allows the entrace only after it has washed and sanitised their shoes and hands. The new pavillion occupies approximatelly 5.000 sq.m. It is fully air-conditioned and especially equipped for filtration and overpressure.

New Production Line
For the constantly increasing faith that our consumers show to our exceptionally quality product, it was essential to establish one extra state-of-the-art production line aiming to cover the market's need. The new production line is consisted of robotic equipment that are following commands of central computers. The full automatization of milk receipt, milk pasteurization and the production in its totality extirpates the contact of raw materials with human factor and subsequently with possible defilement of the raw material. The area is controlled austerelly and grands the satisfaction to all of us who work in Epirus SA that we invest, having techonoly in our side, in order to furnish the ultimate excellent product to all of you.

Environment protection / Saving Energy
Epirus SA being sensitive in climate changes and its effects to the environment, has made substantial investments:
• Installation of photovoltaic systems in the factory
• Recycling of plastics, paper & tin cans
• Supply of tanks, EURO 5 technology.
• Renovation and modernization of biological treatment facilities.
• Solar energy accumulators for hot water supply throughout  the factory
• Afforestation of factory`s surrounding.
• Establishment of specialized incinerator for unsuitable (scrap) products’ incineration with usage of the producedthermal power.

Epirus SA, in this way contributes onto the overall effort for a more ecological, cleaner and healthier environment.

Company & Quality Assurance

EPIRUS S.A., in order to ensure that high quality products will reach the end customer, was the first cheese manufacturer in Greece to acquire the ISO 9002 certificate for the production of Feta cheese and at a further step, the factory is accredited with HACCP certification, the ISO 22000 IFS & the ISO 9001:2008. The company’s Quality Assurance Department is responsible for the implementation of all above mentioned quality standards and monitors production at all stages in order to ensure high quality products for consumers.

Fresh milk undergoes stringent, continuous and thorough testing with the sole aim of providing our consumers the guarantee that the final highly quality product will meet their satisfaction. In order for this guarantee to be given certain steps shall be made: 1. safegueard of fresh milk's quality. ( examination for milk's possible adulteration -measurements of milk's specifications. - measurements of milk conserved conditions) 2. control throughout the  various stages of production. - 3. final testing on the end product. The implementation of the Quality Assurance System plays a major role in examination and control, and thus is able to give credit to the produced result of the daily effort.

The Quality Assuranse department giving effect to all the above, has been equipted with state of the art machinery. Of course to this end, the full automatization of the production line gives credit and supports its work. For all these reasons and through modernization, integridy and hard work we aspire to an even better quality and guarantee for the future.

Sales - Distribution & Exports

Exclusive representative in the Greek market for Epirus products is Optima SA , that belongs in the same group of companies. Epirus articles in Greece are listed in the premium category of products while holds the higher share in Greece in the pre-packed feta cheese being the no. 1 in this sector.

After establishing the EPIROS brand name in Greek market, the company has started its exporting activity having as a target to place the EPIROS products in the major European Food retail chains as well as in the major European wholesalers. The exporting activity of the company is supported with all necessary promotional tools depending on the market and the customer.

Epirus SA caters for the growing number of people, who seek for highly qualited products, by seizing every opportunity to expand in new markets. At the moment our cheeses that are 100% genuinely Greek products are currently present in several markets such as: Germany, Cyprus, Great Britain, Holland, Italy, Sweden, Australia, Poland, S.Africa etc. Super markets chains, wholesalers, as well as Food industry are members of our clientele.