Now desserts can be included in a balanced diet!

The aim of a good and effective diet is not to deprive one of favorite tastes, but to learn one to make correct and healthy choices. This is the only way to follow a long-term balanced diet . Even with desserts we can make correct and balanced choices, as long as we know their ingredients and one very important element: the Glycemic Index (GI).

The new series of JOTIS Sweet & Balance desserts gives desserts the place they deserve in a healthy diet. It comprises of products that combine the characteristics of a healthy diet: low Glycemic Index (GI), no sugar, fibres, limited calories and fat, while every Sweet & Balance dessert is an intense taste experience.

Greek clinical trials show that individuals who consumed Sweet & Balance up to 4 times / week for 3 months, as part of a healthy and balanced diet, lost an average of 3-4 kilos, presented reduction of their Body Mass Index (BMI), and stated that they did not feel deprivation and were more inclined to follow their diet with greater consistency and without large deviations.